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Here are a few photos of our beautiful, 47 Passenger, 102"  wide body,  Eagle Motorcoach. You have probably seen her on the road a few times! Her classic good looks and legendary  smooth ride will give you a very unique Motorcoach experience! Come see for yourself real soon. Being a 47 pass. coach we can offer  MORE LEGROOM than even the newer coaches!


Some Eagle Motorcoach History:   The Eagle Motorcoach was originally built in  Belgium, becoming a U.S. company in 1974 with the mfg. plant located in Brownsville, Tx. When Trailways opened as a bus line in the 70's, they adopted the Eagle Motorcoach as their coach of choice to compete with Greyhound because of its soft, smooth ride, reliability  and more comfortable seating. The Eagle Coach has a "torsion bar" suspension rather than air bags, giving you a "rocking chair" type ride with very little side to side motion or leaning in turns, making our coach just as comfortable as any coach on the road today, if not more so.  The Eagle Coach is the only Motorcoach on the road today that offers this "torsion bar" ride. As you can see, our interior is modern, colorful and bright with flat screen TV Monitors throughout the coach.

In the 1990's the Eagle Coach was widely used by many celebrities as "entertainer coaches" serving them well with comfort and style while on the road for months at a time, some are still used as "entertainer coaches" today. The Eagle is also the coach of choice for many motorhome conversions due to it's smooth, steady ride, and can be seen as such all across the country. The Eagle Motorcoach was an icon on the American highways for decades and, the fact that only 3000 Eagle Coaches were produced in the U.S., seeing an Eagle Coach on the road today as a passenger coach is a very rare and unique sight indeed. Our coach is an immaculate survivor and draws a lot of attention where ever it goes, it still offers the same great features that have made it an American Icon of the Motorcoach industry.  In addition to that, our coach has been recently upgraded with a newer, more reliable engine, new, modern interior, shiny new paint, along with other modern upgrades, making her road ready, comfortable and looking good for you.  We hope that you will come take a ride in our classic piece of American History real soon because our "Eagle" is ready to fly!


With  American Eagle Coach,  it  is not just a bus ride, it is a Historic, American Experience !!

" Come Soar With An Eagle !! "